Adjusting Taser Holster Retention Strap

The following is a brief instruction on how to adjust the fit of the Retention Strap on your Magnum Tactical Supply Taser Holster from Defender Dynamics.  The Retention Strap will function and adjust the same on all models of holster- X2, X26/X26P, M26, and Basic Taser Pockets M525, M530, and M535.

Customers who have purchased a X26/X26P Taser Holster follow these same instructions to be able to adjust the Retention Strap fit between the X26 and X26P models of the Taser.

*Note- X2 Taser MOLLE Holster shown in the pictures*

Fit your weapon into the holster with the Retention Strap buckled to determine your preference on strap tightness. 


Leaving the Retention Strap buckled, peel the Velcro Buckle Mount from the Loop Velcro.

With the Velcro Buckle Mount still attached to the Retention Strap, pull the Retention Strap to desired level of tightness against the weapon.

Maintaining desired level of tension, stick the Velcro Buckle Mount down to the Loop Velcro.

Unbuckle the Retention Strap and firmly press the Velcro Buckle Mount to the Loop Velcro around its entire surface to ensure a secure grip.



And that's it! You've readjusted your Taser Holster Retention Strap.