About Us

Defender Dynamics is a small business located on the outskirts of Atlanta, Georgia.  100% of our design, manufacturing, and distributing is done in-house.  This means the products and services you buy from Defender Dynamics are proudly made here in the USA.  It also means since we control the process of design through delivery to the customer the same hands that begin construction will be the same ones that pack your items up for you, maintaining the same care and dedication throughout the whole order fulfillment process.

The small size of Defender Dynamics is also one of our biggest assets.  We have the ability to rapidly respond to the needs of our customers, implementing improvements whenever they are needed.  Innovation is made easy here at Defender Dynamics.  We have years of experience in Product Design, Research and Development, Engineering, and Manufacturing fields.  Our background of expertise has been honed in a variety of backgrounds including medical design, toy design, movie prop and costume work, military and law enforcement equipment and uniforms, just to name a few. 

It is our mission to provide the best quality product we can to our customers.  Defender Dynamics brings the creative solution to the hands of our customers that they can trust.  Our products are sometimes serious, sometimes a little silly, but always reliable.


Defender Dynamics… Innovation. Implemented.